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Tennis team 1912

Photograph of F.S.C.W.'s 1912 tennis team.

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Odd and Even soccer teams with truck

Photograph of Odd and Even soccer teams sitting on and standing around a truck, circa 1946.

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Even volleyball team 1930-1931

Photograph from the photograph album of F.S.C.W student Christine Stenstrom depicting the Even Volleyball Team of 1930-1931.

Varsity basketball team 1915-1916

Photograph from the personal collection of F.S.C.W. student Harriett Smith Seymour depicting the 1915-1916 varsity basketball team.

Faculty baseball team 1927

Photograph of F.S.C.W.'s faculty baseball team from 1927.

Varsity baseball team 1926

Photograph of F.S.C.W.'s 1926 varsity baseball team.

Even baseball team 1931

Photograph from Class of 1932 Memory Book depicting the 1931 Evens Baseball team. Persons in this photographs are identified as (top row) Laura Mae Kelley, Dorothy Archer, Roberta Reid, Dorothy Hicks, Rebecca Waldrop, Sivia, (bottom row) Jean…

Freshman field hockey team 1930

Photograph from 1930 Memory Book depicting the freshman field hockey team. Accompanying text reads: Freshman Hockey Team, (Left to Right) Nola Mann Saunders, Geneva Miller, Marie Dixon, Unidentified, Emily Martin, Mildred Bright, Irene Brunson,…